Sunday, April 14, 2013

Like the Sun...

Like the sun
He radiates His Blessings
Without reserve
Never questioning
Does she deserve?

Like the Sun
He Lights that Sacred Fire
That turns to ashes
All that I no longer need
Quelling needless desire

Even when 
My clouded vision
Leads me to believe
The Sun is hiding
Leaving me pining
Like the Sun
He blazes forth brightly
Showing me The Way
Waiting patiently 
For the clouds to part
And for me to catch
A glimpse of 
My own Divine radiance

Like the Sun
He teaches me to
Embrace, Experience, Enjoy
Shadows of all kinds
To simply
Turn towards the light
If ever they threaten to destroy 

Like the Sun
My Guru
Dispels darkness
From the depths of my soul 

Like the sun
He melts away
The misty veils of ignorance
Through the Fire of Knowledge 
Burning up impressions 
Building up my endurance

Like the Sun
He gives me
New life everyday
Healing me utterly, completely 
Nourishing my Soul
His unconditional love 
Making me whole

Seattle, March 31, 2013