Fall 2014 Glasscapes

Dear Friends,
Thank you for visiting my collection of glassware, available only for private sale.

Enjoy these li'l pieces of joy - each a unique piece of art. So if you'd like to pick out a special present for a special someone (could be yourself!) look through these pics and contact me asap with the ones you'd like! 

Please also check out some wearable art aka glass jewelry!

Please see the bottom of the page for instructions and payment options. 

#23: Om Wall Hanging

#24: Set of 4 coasters (each is 4" x 4")


#25: Large Serving Platter (approx. 9" x 9")

 #3:Decorative Plaque

#5:Kiln Carved Trivet (8"x 8")

#7: 8"x 8" slumped stringer platter

#9: 6"x 6" plates (single/set)
 $40 each

#10: 6"x 6" trivet set
   $100 for set

#14: 6.75" x 8" Frit painting (plaque or trivet)

#16: 8"x 8" Tack Fused platter

#17: 8"x 8" Bamboo Tack Fused platter

 #18: 8"x 8" Bamboo Tack Fused platter

The Following items are not available any more. If you like a piece very much, please contact me to place a custom order. While I can't promise the same exact outcome, I'm happy to explore ways to get as close as possible to it! 

#1: 6"x 6" Honeycomb Trivet

#2: 6"x 6" Kiln Carved Blue Trivet
 $30 - SOLD

#4: Set of Round Trivets (Approx 5.5"dia)- SOLD!

#6: 5"x 6 candy dish with multicolor frit painting
 $45 - SOLD

#8: 6"x 6" sushi platter set
(sold as a set only)

(SOLD)#11: 4"x 4" sushi plates (set of 4 or available in pairs) 

#12: 6"x 6" trivet with organic leaf inclusions

  #13: 6"x 6" trivet with organic leaf inclusions SOLD

#15:  6.5" x 8.5" Tack Fused platter

(SOLD)#19: 7" dia Tack Fused Bowl

Votives (Approx 4" cube) 
#20  SOLD

#21  SOLD

#22  SOLD

Please email me at pallavigarg@yahoo.com or send a message via Facebook mentioning which piece you'd like, and why it speaks to you! I will get back to you with logistical details re: delivery and payment. 
I can accept cash, checks or direct transfer via Chase Quickpay.

You are also welcome to come over to my place to see them and pick them out in person, and of course, I'd be happy to work out better prices if you're interested in multiple pieces. Please contact me and we can set up a mutually convenient time.

Please feel free to share with family and friends who enjoy unique, hand-made pieces of art - let's spread the joy!

Thanks so much for taking a look. Sharing these pieces means a lot to me!

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