Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Reminder...

A Reminder... Pause!
When you're always in a hurry
If your heart is filled with worry
When the lines get blurry
If you witness some flashes of fury


Pause my dear
And rest, right here

When the world around seems dreary
Shoulders stooped and weary
The eyes perhaps bleary
Or even maybe teary


Pause my dear
Rest right here
In that lap Divine

Of a sweet, fresh breath
Savoring each bit
Filling yourSelf
To the brim

Of that infinite fountain
That is YOU

To the tune
That only you can hear

Whirl and twirl
Soak in
That depth of Silence

Drown in
The ecstasy
The elixir

Find yourSelf
Find your Bliss
Deep within
 - 9/30/16