Friday, March 21, 2014


I speak
Mostly, to myself

All kinds of thoughts
Find their voice
Bubbling up
To the surface

Each has  
Its own identity
My only duty
To listen
Yes, I do listen
To these inner guides
And sometimes
I unleash them
On unsuspecting others
Just like
Right now

I speak
Some listen

Some listen
Few understand

Few understand
The rare respond

And each time
There's some connection
A new creation
That speaks

I listen

- Sunnyvale, 3/21/14

Monday, March 17, 2014

रंग | Colors


इस पल का रंग है पीला 
तो उस दिन का हरा-भरा 
उन यादों का है नीला 
कई सपनों का सुनहरा 

एक एक करके 
जब पड़ी ये बूँदें 
इस ज़िन्दगी के कैनवास पर 
बन गया इक चित्र 
प्यारा, अनोखा, रंगीला

ज्य़ादा इसे निहारो मत 
पेंटब्रश से बिगाड़ो मत 
जो इन्हे कुछ और मसला 
लगेगा सब मैला-कुचैला 
हो सकता है मन मट-मैला 

याद करो ये रंग सभी 
समाते हैं सिर्फ सफेदी में 
क्रिस्टल से ही तो बँट कर 
छा जाते हैं इंद्रधनुषों में 

हर रंग कि अपनी है पहचान 
देना है हर एक को, एक सा सम्मान 
क्यों लगते हो तुम भला थोड़े से हैरान-परेशान?

कुछ दूरी से देख सकोगे तो 
है ये बात काफी आसान 
पर अब चलो, छोड़ो ये सब 
बस इन रंगों से खेलो तुम 
भरपूर आनंद आज इनका ले लो तुम 
बहुत हो चुकी बातें अब, हो चुका अध्ययन-ज्ञान
सोच विचार से करो  बख्श
जाओ ढूंढो अपना कलाकार कक्ष

This moment seems yellow
That day’s a lush green
Those memories are a blue so mellow
These dreams with a golden sheen

When these drops fall upon
The canvas of this life
They reveal a picture drawn
Beautiful, colorful, unique

Don’t you stare so hard
That paintbrush you might discard
Swirling the colors too much
Just makes them appear muddy
And that could make you feel 
 rather cruddy

Remember always these colors
Are birthed purely from White
Passing through a crystal spurs
Them to form those rainbows bright

Each has its place, each needs its space
Why do You suddenly seem
A little out-of place?

Look from a distance and you will see
It’s actually rather simple, oh-so-easy
But for now, just leave it alone…
Play with these colors now
Embrace the joy they bring you now
Enough said, enough known
More thinking-discussion 
Makes me groan
You make your way
Find your Artist-Zone!

- Seattle, December 12, 2013

Monday, March 3, 2014

The perfect reminder

A foggy morning
A perfect reminder
Walk the path dear
Right Now

The air is crisp, clear
Right now
The trees are bare here
Right now

Feel their beauty near
Right Now
Let your duty steer
Right now

Can't know where the road leads
Right now
Just sow those precious seeds
Right now

Being One with It all within
Right Now
Breathing Joy, taking It all in
Right now

A foggy morning
The perfect reminder
Right Now!

 - Seattle, 3/3/14
Photo Credit: Kasia Fraser's "Foggy Boone just before snow"