Saturday, August 10, 2013

Of a molten hot weekend...

Flowing rods aflame
Softly embrace the mandrel
Frit and stringers, turquoise
Ivory, black and coral

Possibilities umpteen
The first bead white, pristine
Followed by a veritable explosion
Rainbow hues in fascinating fusion

Balancing my flame amid
Propane and oxygen
For stray, distant thoughts
There is no margin

The glowing glass mesmerizes
Melding colors, full of surprises
Many an experiment
Much bewilderment

Some turning out
Exactly the way I thought
While others, bringing results
Wholly unsought

Some that shatter
Some with chinks
Are the ones that matter
That form true links

Teaching me life’s great lessons
An adventure always beckons
That in the end, it is about the journey
Of expressing and creating
Of Life squeezed out each moment
Of dropping all judgment
Learning to thrive
Of being fully alive
And always to strive
For love and surrender
Especially, during
Molten, hot weekends!

- Pratt Fine Arts Center... a fine place to be

Seattle, Feb 10, 2013

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