Monday, April 24, 2017


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I resist
I order it 
To cease and desist
It chooses to persist 

A sharp jab
Knifing through
Within this hollow shell
My abode
This palace of cards
Agonizing shards
This pent-up hell

At some point I thought
It would surely halt
But it grew with an aching onslaught
Suffering mode on default

Until I decided 
To be true and begin
To explore why it resided
So deep within

A dull ache persistent
A heavy heart insistent
I search and examine
Is there deep rooted anger
Underneath this pain?
Angst like a dagger
I'm choosing to retain?

So much to explain 
So much to gain
Some demons to slain 
Oh heart! 
Thee to train 

That it is okay
To display
To bare and to share
To wake mySelf aware
To find my own way

To let the eyes brim
Over, to wash
Away hurts I want to stash
Allow the aching to dim
To let go, surrender 
In the arms of my seraphim

Sometimes there's 
Solace in solitude 

Though often I find
When I'm willing to be kind
Enough to myself
To embrace Love
Freely offered 
To dissolve this outer shell
To let my nakedness spell
Out my vulnerabilities

My heart does remind
All is wholly aligned
Through this Holy Immersion
I reach the inevitable inversion 
To equanimity 
To the eventual 
Of Emotion

- 4/23/17

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