Thursday, June 18, 2020

A Punctuation Mark

A Punctuation Mark

Huffing and puffing
Playing catch-up
A hamster on the inexorable wheel
Of Life whizzing by

The fear
Of stopping
Like lead in the mouth
Picture Courtesy: Horia Varlan
Is it the taste of Death?

And then
A Punctuation Mark
Appears out of nowhere

A look into my own eyes
A moment of pause - a new vision
A tug of the heart-strings
The hint of recognition

The blank canvas
The empty page
Of this very moment
At every stage

Writing furiously
Letting the colors collide
Giving in to curiosity
Allowing myself to effortlessly glide

Into Stillness

Through the breath
Through the sound
Through every thing
That's all around

Running again,
Out of misery's reach
Reaching into the
Inner stillness though
With much to teach

Running into
My Self anew
Each moment becoming
Brand new
- 15 May 2020

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