Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Memory Lane


Photo by Benjamin Minnick (DJC)

Walking down

This path again

One I've often walked before


Not much seems to have changed

And yet,

Everything has


The cement has loosened up on the sidewalk

Buildings torn down in an entire block

Store closures hitting headlines

The emergence of different skylines

Even the road has new lines

Weather-marked creases

Of tire-tracks

Some cracks

My pace increases

I notice fresh, new

Face paint on the cross-walks

Newly paved in some patches

Yet not everything seems to have changed

I hear the same conversations in snatches


The chaperoning of a toddler on a scooter

The sledgehammers incessant clatter

The maids checking the meter

Ticketing an unsuspecting offender


The cement mixer churns

Like the hands of that master clock

That knows

How time turns







And spread before me

New neighbors

New scaffolding

Incessant new building

Amid new flowers blooming

New leaves unfurling


The Reminder of

The humming-bird amid lavender

I smile big as I wander


Yes, time turns

Revealing new patterns

Revealing a new ‘ME’

Enchanted with Life you see

And yet, not much seems to have changed

Deep within

LET it be

Let IT be

Let it BE

- August 12, 2016

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