Monday, June 10, 2013

Train tracks

Memories of childhood travels
Fascination always
With the parallel tracks
Stretching out to infinity
As far as the eye could see

Astonishment always
At forces that hold them
Together with such certainty
So they can…
Just Be!

Wonder always
Does one rail ever get lonely?
Tired with its existence solitary
Carrying a weight constantly

A question that fuels my curiosity
Why do train tracks die?

Haven’t you seen them
Lying by the wayside?   
Their whole purpose denied
Desolate, lonely
Twisted and withered
A silent, sorrowed abode
To weeds and cigarette butts
Waiting endlessly
For a train that arrives

Haven’t you felt their anguish?
Sleepers rotting, junctions corroding
The tracks sadly languish
Their former shiny glory waning
Confidence starkly dissipating
Lying about in disrepair
Forlorn, morose, filled with despair
Lost, rusted
Hopelessness encrusted

What caused them to decay I wonder?

I’ve entertained many a notion…
Perhaps a seldom used station
Inattention causing putrefaction
Elements causing corrosion
Non-maintenance due to corruption
Perchance a misaligned junction
Or simply
Trains changing direction

But the bottom-line remains
Train tracks die
If one rail decides suddenly
To explore its own new territory
Losing meanwhile its identity
Ending up eventually
As a rod of scrap metal

Train tracks die
If they try to converge
Twisted metal
Sounds their dirge

Train tracks die
When there’s no maintenance
If either rail
Forsakes its penance

Train tracks die
When they no longer serve
Losing their purpose
Costs them their verve

Conversely though,
Train tracks thrive
When the rails journey
Side by side
Knowing deep inside
The other is always, just
An arm’s length away

Train tracks thrive
On a strong foundation
Anchored together
By a common purpose
A shared goal
Bearing the load equally
Carrying it in all safety
Connected intermittently
By sleepers and plates
Grounded well in reality

Train tracks thrive
Upon shedding all
Thoughts of entanglement
Setting their sights simply
On their complete enchantment
With the horizon ahead

-          Seattle, March 16, 2013

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  1. Wow... what insights... and in India well right through the tracks they are also sprayed with products of human metabolism!