Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outside my window…

A hint of the moon
Peeks from behind itself
On a clear
Cloudless blue sky
Outside my window

Outside my window...Snow-capped mountains peek
From behind their own shadows
Atop the clear
Waveless blue waters
Outside my window

Sheets of azure glass
Interspersed with graffiti
Birds, boats
The occasional kayak
Outside my window

Sounds of laughter
Traffic, trains
Even the occasional plane
A sweet, chattering twitter
Outside my window

Bright, cheerful sunshine
Dappled shadows 
Chattering, dancing, cavorting
A soft breeze springing
Outside my window

Blossoms on every tree
Blossom hope in every heart
Out of the stillness of winter
A new world springs forth
Takes a new birth
Outside my window

-          Seattle, March 31, 2013


  1. Your window indeed opens out to a beautiful outside...may it continue en'DOW'ing you with 'WIN'ning thoughts and expressions.

  2. Having been over at your place around this time last year ( and coincident with your peom date), I/we can solemnly concur with your every penned word.... your hosting us was - as they say back from where I/we came - suhaan allah.

    I am fortunate/blessed to call you my (our - family angle se) friend.

    Likhte rehna ... hum padte rahenge...

    samajh ne waale samajh gayen samajhe woh....

  3. Beautiful!!!!Loved it. - Pinky