Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To Seattle with Love...

So many shades of grey
Never cease to amaze
Bringing softened views
That black and white hues
Can never replace

Grey skies, Grey water
Grey showers, bringing succour
From the heat
A gentle grey calm
For me to greet

Forming the ideal foil
For a lush landscape
Different shades of grey
Complement the greens that toil
To bring
Myriad spring blossoms

When the horizon
Draws near
In an endearing grey embrace
I marvel anew
At the sheer
Beauty and grace
Cool mist
Soothing my soul

Pure black and white
Have never held that space
Its mesmerizing how
Shades of grey
Simply showcase
Your emerald beauty

Oh Seattle
How I adore you for
Teaching me to appreciate
These myriad shades of grey
For bringing me stillness
Helping me to create
Being my witness
Bringing a new me
To myself

- June 29, 2011

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