Saturday, March 2, 2013


Somebody asked me today... Why is your blog called "One Part Artist"?
These pictures* tell the story...

Stories of
pure delight...

putting up a fight

Stories of

unbridled celebration

Stories of


Stories of 
beating the odds                                     

Without expecting applause

Of following your own dear heart
Of expressing your personal art

Whether you're wordy, even if nerdy
Modernist, impressionist or cubist
I hope you'll share the Story
Of uncovering your OWN

These pictures convey one such story. I've come across several more and hope to cover them in future posts. In fact, they are ALL around us.
Stories that bring us closer to our true 'Self', in a space of joy and love.
Stories of Art!
*These pictures shared with permission from an incredible program by Provail called "Art is NOT an Option" where 'artists' of all abilities get together to enhance their methods of self expression while having loads of fun!
You can support this initiative in many ways - check out

Get involved... one way or another...
And you just might find that "One-Part-Artist" lurking somewhere inside you!

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