Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Do you see?

Do you see
What I see?
How could you?
You're not me

Do you hear
What I hear
How can you?
You're not here

Do you smell
Pic courtesy: Paul K.
What I smell
How's it possible?
In my body you don't dwell

Do you feel
What I feel?
How can you say?
It's no big deal

Do you taste
What I taste?
How do I explain it?
It's a total waste

I go through my Life
You through yours
We intersect perchance
Ships bound for different shores

Each journey is its own
Perfect destination
I can't walk your path
In my imagination

So let's not presume
To know what's best
Walk together when we can
Then let's get some rest

Show me your kindness
Find the light in my smile
Let's enjoy this closeness
Let's share our stories for a short while
- May 19, 2013

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