Friday, December 5, 2014

...of meeting Mahmoud

Photo Credit: Hans

I look at you
But do I really see
All who you are
Who you can really be

My thoughts run about
Voicing this doubt
Almost sort of shout
What do you see in me

Then as you start
To recognize my art
I see we're not that apart
That I can bare my heart

And as I embrace
This vulnerability 
You amaze
With your humility

You share your story
Show me some wounds
The eyes meet
The hearts greet
Scarcely any sounds

The mask drops
Time stops
I soak in your presence
Take delight in your brilliance

Now I can truly see
All who you are
Who you're meant to be

This simple exchange 
Of heartfelt stories
Your gift
A lifetime 
Of Fond memories

- Istanbul, November 23, 2014

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