Friday, January 16, 2015


Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
I am not "them"

And I wish today
To talk to

You, who look around
Whom peace has never found
Always someplace bound
Chores and tasks abound
Nose to the grindstone
Aboard a never-ending
Your own voice,
An unheard, muffled sound

You, who can't hear
Your Self
Yet think you're invincible
To you
I am invisible
You pretend
I'm not around

You, who walk past
My cardboard sign
I see the fear in your eyes
Even though you resign
Yourself to my presence
I know you'd prefer
I certainly confine
Myself to places
Where you can't see me

You, who won't pay
What you know I deserve
Yet partake happily
When I'm there to serve
Your interests
And if I observe
How unfair it is
You question my nerve
Citing how there are
Resources to conserve

You, who want to bear
Arms against me
Fearful you are
It's clear to see
No matter what my plea
You force me to flee
Since we are basically
Separated by a sea

How long will I run?
How long will you hide?
Though you ignore me
I'll always be by your side

When will you wake up?
When will you see?
When will you

I am not
I am

When will you
YOU are?
-October 17, 2014

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