Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Grand Design

Oh Beloved!


How do I convey
To Thee
YOU are as much me
As the 'other' me you see!

How do I say
That there's
Nothing to Fix
It is all in the mix

How pray
Were you led astray
It could be any other way

When you befriend
Can't you simply suspend
Picture Courtesy: Pikist
The notion of another?
Simply attend
To the pure presence of the Mirror
With an open heart extend
Your Self in wonder?

Dearest Beloved

Those million pieces
I offer up may seem slightly odd
At times perchance, may prick and prod

Yet when those shards
Pierce through your armor
Drop those veils of ego's gossamer

See how they're just the cards
To play, the choices
We've made
For the grand design
For our integration
For Love's inevitable unification
- 25 March, 2017 3/25/17

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