Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sparkling Eyes

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Of the sparkling eyes
Leaves me mesmerized
Onstage as she glides and flies

Of the luminous glow
Knows what it is to be in flow
Embrace her strengths, continue to grow

Of the pure inner light
Cannot rest till she shines it bright
On everything that needs to be made right

Of the resonant voice
Knows to make a hard choice
Claim inner victory to renew recharge rejoice

Of an indescribable inner steel
With one look makes the world heel
Yet nurtures my spirit, helps it heal

Of the joyous energy male
Designs the delightful guardrail
A loving safety net to hold even if you fail

Of deep divine Love
Relishes life's unending curve
Accepting, embracing all even as we evolve

Sparkling eyes…
Scintillating Spirits…
Inspiring Stories…
The Colours of Our Hearts
- 29 March 2019

This piece was inspired by 'The Colours of Her Heart'. It was an honor and privilege to introduce Mallika Sarabhai and her troupe before this performance and open with my poem "Do you See?"

And meeting these beautiful souls after the show left me with a sweetness it is hard to describe. Shortly thereafter, this piece was born - bringing to light how each of them touched me in a unique way.

Thank you - Mallika Sarabhai, Sonal Solanki, Pooja Purohit, Surbhi Dhyani, Mehraz Khatoon - for the scintillating dances; Samia Malik for your powerful music and live singing and Yadavan Chandran for being the wind beneath the wings for the group with all the roles you played.

Sharing a few vignettes from the show - 

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